Hub Working Groups


Working groups involving DPLA staff and Hub partners.

DPLA Hubs Rights Statements Implementation Group

The Hubs Rights Statements Implementation Group facilitates information sharing related to the implementation of standardized Rights Statements in DPLA’s Hubs. Participants discuss best practices with DPLA staff and others involved in the creation of and share experiences, tools, and methods that they are employing in their Hubs. Membership in the group is limited to those involved implementing Rights Statements in DPLA’s Hubs, including those whose applications have been accepted by DPLA. To be added to the group, contact Resources:

Archival Description Working Group (inactive)

The Archival Description Working Group is composed of representatives from DPLA Partner institutions as well as national-level experts in digital object description and discovery. The group will explore solutions to support both item-level and aggregate-level approaches to digital object description and access and will develop  recommendations, data models, and tools as appropriate. 

Final Whitepaper: Aggregating and Representing Collections in the Digital Public Library of America

Data Quality Working Group (inactive)

The Data Quality Working Group is an informal discussion group to address common data quality control activities, measures, and tools, both those that exist and those that are needed. The ultimate goal of the group would be twofold:

1. To articulate some standard quality control procedures that we can recommend to DPLA Hubs, possibly leading to a data quality bootcamp for the next 'fest.

2. To articulate requirements for needed tools related to data quality analysis and remediation to put out into the community for possible future development.     

Quality Guidelines: DPLA Metadata Quality Guidelines