Educational Uses Projects

The Educational Uses projects, funded by the Whiting Foundation, explores and implements educational possibilities for the DPLA's growing collection. As one component of the Educational Uses Project, the tech team is developing tools in the DPLA portal for the creation of curated sets.  To learn about all other components of this project, please see the Educational Uses projects page.

Technical documentation

Our code is freely available in our github repo.

Our tasks are tracked in a Redmine project.

For documentation relating to the project as a whole, please see the Educational Uses projects page. 


This project is funded by two grants from the Whiting Foundation, "Investigating Educational Uses" (2014), and "Putting Digital Collections to Work in Education Through Community Curation" (2015). 

DPLA Staff Roles

Franky Abbott, project manager

Audrey Altman, tech lead and UX designer

Mark Breedlove, developer and media specialist

Tom Johnson, developer

Mark Matienzo, technology director

Timeline for completion

Technical development is scheduled to end on May 1, 2016.  After that, the tech team will continue to support the tools developed during the course of the project.


For questions and comments about the Education Uses projects: 

For questions and comments specifically about the technical components of the Education Uses projects: