Ingestion2 Roadmap

2016 Q3

The primary focus this phase is to address performance concerns and to address technical debt. 

2016 Q4

  • Contractor work

    • Update Krikri with data structures and API to support QA user interface (ingestion profiles, enrichment profiles, etc.)

    • Add mapping file upload functionality

    • Ingestion2 dashboard work (see Ingestion2 Requirements)

    • User-facing error handling

  • Coordination with Hydra in a Box project team around harvesting/synchronization use cases

  • Switch to Elasticsearch indices to support QA

  • Integrate with centralized logging system

  • Rails 4.2/Ruby 2.3 upgrade

  • Research partial harvests

  • Add Plans (sequenced/scheduled activities)

  • Switch to graph database backend

  • DSL usability for non-programmers

  • Ongoing new provider mappings

2017 Q1

  • Parallelizing jobs

  • Improve QA tools based on defined requirements

  • Improve installation experience and documentation
  • Ongoing new provider mappings