Member Hub Analytics Dashboards

Knowing how your content is being used in DPLA is important, and DPLA currently uses Google Analytics to provide use data to our Member Hubs. Member Hubs may receive monthly reports from their Hub dashboard and/or get a Google Analytics account to interact with their dashboard directly. Please contact to set up monthly reports and/or a Google Analytics account. 

Tips for DPLA's Hub Analytics Dashboards

  • Each Hub's dashboard includes individual statistics for each of the following: items viewed on DPLA item pages; items viewed in exhibitions; items viewed in primary source sets; and click throughs back to your/your partner’s own sites.
  • The overall ‘events’ category includes all of the above.
  • The dashboard includes two timelines that chart daily activity: one for all events that happen on our site (item pages, exhibitions, and primary sources) and one for click throughs.
  • The dashboards also include Top 10 Events by Contributing Institution and Top 10 Events by Item (which displays the ID and title for each of the ten items that received the most views in the time specified for the report).
  • New Hubs won't see numbers for Exhibitions or Primary Source Sets until content from the Hub is added to these curated resources. 

Improving DPLA and Hub Analytics

We are working to improve how we collect and report data to our Member Hubs, with support from the Mellon Foundation. In spring of 2017, DPLA staff surveyed our Hub members and held a focus group to gather input on how you use data about use of digital materials, metadata quality and completeness, and collection analysis. We presented a summary of our survey results in a Lightning Talk at DPLAfest. This work is still in progress - contact for more information.